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Drain Cleaning Repair in Los Angeles

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Drain Cleaning Los Angeles

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Drain Cleaning Los Angeles
Drain Cleaning Repair provided by Richards Rooter And Plumbing
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Gas Leak Detection and Repair Los Angeles

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At Richards Rooter And Plumbing we strive to provide dependable Gas Leak Detection and Repair Services in Los Angeles CA. Since 1994 we have been providing expert Plumbers to provide professional Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services in Los Angeles California.

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Drain Cleaning Chatsworth California
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Sewer Cleaning Chatsworth CA
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Same day plumbers available in Los Angeles California. For a Plumber in Los Angeles is just a phone call away. Plumbers in Los Angeles are hard to come by during a Plumbing Emergency. But Plumbing Emergency's in Los Angeles are our specialty.

Our response time is quicker than fast. Los Angeles Plumbers are available 24 hours a day. We don't close shop like most Plumbing Company's. Searching the internet for Plumber Los Angeles can be a daunting task.

You can rest assure when contacting Richards Rooter and Plumbing that we are available 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. Plumbing emergencies happen all the time in Los Angeles and that's why we are here to help you out with those Plumbing emergencies and all your drain cleaning needs. Call us now.

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Gas Pipe Leak Detection Los Angeles

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Hot Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

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Water heater maintenance is very important to maintain an efficient and long life for hot water heater system.
It is important that you have the water heater flushed out and drained once a year. It also is required by the manufacturer to maintain your warranty on your water heater.
Also the Anode Rod should be replaced every few years depending on the quality of water.
It's a simple process to maintain the water heater but if you don't have the time or are not confident enough to do it yourself you could always depend on Richards Rooter and plumbing to come out and maintain your water heater for you.
If your water heater is not working properly you can call Richards Rooter and plumbing to come out and do the water heater repair for you.

Fluoride may be damaging your brain

10 Mar 2017 09:02

Drinking pure water is very important for your health, especially if you have poisons in your water like we do. For example; sodium fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, lead, Mercury,  aluminum, magnesium  and so on. The list goes on.

All filtered water is not the same. Most filters are only sediment filters that filter out solids but cannot filter out the "TDS" total dissolved solids which is completely different from solids.

On average tap water has a total dissolved solids averaging from 300 to 400 parts per million. The average filter in the common household brings down the total dissolved solids between 295 to 395. This is not acceptable.

The EPA also known as the Environmental Protection Agency states that water with the total dissolved solids greater than 10 is considered contaminated. They state that water with the total dissolved solids less than 10 is considered pure water.

The only water filtration system that works best is the reverse osmosis filtration system. Reverse osmosis can bring down the total dissolved solids on average about 10 to 20 parts per million. This water can be pumped into a distillation machine which will bring down the total dissolved solids to 000.

The cleanest water to drink would be distilled water which has a total dissolved solids of 000. Distilled water can be modified by changing its pH balance buy pumpkin it through a Kangen machine. This water is fit for a king and queen.

Lot of people ask, what about the minerals? Our body's do need minerals, right? The answer is "yes". But there's a big difference between the minerals in your water supply and the minerals your body needs.

The minerals in tap water are leached in from the Earth form rocks, stones and such. These are called non organic minerals that plants use to thrive and grow. The plants turn the "non-organic minerals" into "organic minerals" that we need as humans to live and thrive. Always remember this, organic minerals come from living things like plants fruits and vegetables including Meats.

My father always told me don't eat red meat. Vegetarian diet is the best. Use coconut oil that contains "MCT" medium chain triglycerides. Don't use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Don't drink tap water. Brush your teeth with baking soda but I chose to use Tom's toothpaste that has no fluoride. My dad still has all his teeth and he's 90 years old. My dad was a Medic during the World War II. He has Doctored me with his intellect and wisdom.

Below is the article written By Dr. Mercola

The fluoride debate is changing, and fast, as more Americans are becoming aware of the known health risks of water fluoridation. City councils across the country are beginning to give their residents a choice when it comes to fluoridated drinking water, with many adding fluoridation measures to upcoming ballots.

Fortunately, Americans are using their votes to keep this highly toxic fertilizer-industry byproduct out of their drinking water (the fluoride added to municipal water supplies is a toxic byproduct from the fertilizer industry—a rarely discussed fact!).

Dallas is among the latest US cities considering whether or not to renew a three-year, $1.8-million contract that provides their drinking water with fluoride. Set to expire January 1, 2015, if Dallas ends fluoridation, it will become the largest city in the US to stop fluoridating its water.

Dallas Is on the Verge of Ending Water Fluoridation

Earlier this year, in May, there was a shift in attitudes in the Dallas city council meeting regarding water fluoridation. Despite the fact that anti-fluoridation activist Regina Imburgia had spoken to the Dallas city council several times before with no response, at the May meeting three of the 15 council members finally agreed with Imburgia's message that water fluoridation in the city deserves a closer look.

The media picked up the story with the Dallas Observer covering the issue at length, in both column and blog formats, not only citing a recent concerning study about fluoride health risks (see below) but also calling out Dallas Morning News columnist Jacquielynn Floyd for engaging in unprofessional behavior (like name-calling) against anti-fluoride activists.

Then, on June 11, retired chemistry professor Paul Connett, director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) testified before the Dallas council. His 3-minute (plus questions) expert testimony can be seen in the video above (and it’s time well spent if you’re new to the issue of water fluoridation). Dr. Connett said:

“I was impressed by the willingness of the councilors to listen to me and to ask important questions. This augers well because we have to beat this nonsense one open mind at a time.

I was also very impressed by the local organizers. In addition to my testimony, with only a few days notice, they were able to pull together a public meeting, which over 40 people attended including 3 local dentists.

Like many other cities right now the decision to end fluoridation in Dallas may well hinge on events happening elsewhere, like the potential for a legal challenge to fluoridation in Canada as outlined by a leading lawyer in Canada before the peel regional Council in Ontario on June 26 and the ending of mandatory fluoridation in Israel.” 

During his testimony, Dr. Connett made a strong case for why dentistry should be done in the dental office… not via your water supply, and as he stated, water fluoridation is "the height of arrogance".

"Organized dentistry, which includes the American Dental Association, the Oral Health Division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and state dental directors, is the only health profession that seeks to deliver its services via the public's water supply.

The practice of artificial water fluoridation is the height of arrogance when one considers the following undisputed facts and scientifically supported arguments."

12 Reasons Why Water Fluoridation Must Be Challenged

Dr. Connett, who co-authored the book "the case against fluoride", is recognized worldwide as a leading movement to eliminate fluoride from municipal water supplies, and I'm pleased to be working with him to achieve this goal. He recently compiled a comprehensive and eye-opening list of reasons why water fluoridation must be challenged. Here are some of the highlights:

Fluoride is not a nutrient; no biochemical process in the human body needs fluoride

The level of fluoride in a mother's milk is exceedingly low. Formula-fed infants receive up to 175-250 more fluoride than a breast-fed infant

Once fluoride is added to the water supply, there is no way of controlling the dose; it goes to everyone regardless of age, weight, health, need, or nutritional status

Fluoride accumulates in bone and other calcified tissues over a lifetime; early symptoms of fluoride poisoning of the bones are identical to arthritis, and fluoride accumulation may make bones brittle and prone to fracture

The addition of fluoride to the public water supply violates the individual's right to informed consent to medical or human treatment

Fluoride is known to have toxic properties at low doses

Children in fluoridated countries are being over-exposed to fluoride as demonstrated by the very high prevalence of dental fluorosis; according to the CDC, 41 percent of American children aged 12-15 have some form of dental fluorosis

The effectiveness of swallowing fluoride to reduce tooth decay has never been demonstrated by a randomized control trial

The evidence that fluoridation or swallowing fluoride reduces tooth decay is very weak

Fluoridation is designed to treat a disease (dental caries) but has never been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA); the FDA classifies fluoride as an "unapproved drug"

Most dental authorities now agree that the predominant benefit of fluoride is topical, not systemic

The vast majority of countries neither fluoridate their water nor their salt, but according to the World Health Organization, tooth decay in 12-year-olds is coming down as fast, if not faster, in non-fluoridated countries as it is in fluoridated countries

Fluoride Added to List of Chemicals That Cause 'Brain Drain' (Along with Mercury and Lead)

In 2006, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health and Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai did a systematic review and identified five industrial chemicals as developmental neurotoxicants. This included unquestionable poisons like lead, methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, arsenic, and toluene. Since then, they've documented six additional developmental neurotoxicants and have added them to the list of what are now 11 known industrial chemicals that harm brain development in human fetuses and infants. One of the recently added neurotoxicants is fluoride, and one of the study's authors has previously said:

"Fluoride seems to fit in with lead, mercury, and other poisons that cause chemical brain drain… The effect of each toxicant may seem small, but the combined damage on a population scale can be serious, especially because the brain power of the next generation is crucial to all of us."

The debate over the dangers of fluoride has been ongoing for more than six decades, despite the fact that study after study has confirmed that fluoride is a dangerous, toxic poison that bio-accumulates in your body while being ineffective at preventing dental decay. So what exactly does fluoride do to your brain?

There are 37 human studies linking fairly modest fluoride exposures with reduced intelligence (nine of these studies found lowered IQ at less than 3 ppm in the water) and 12 human studies linking fluoride with neurobehavioral deficits. There are also three human studies linking fluoride exposure with impaired fetal brain development, and approximately 100 animal studies linking it to brain damage. This includes such effects as:

Reduction in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors

Damage to the hippocampus

Formation of beta-amyloid plaques (the classic brain abnormality in Alzheimer's disease)

Reduction in lipid content

Damage to the Purkinje cells

Exacerbation of lesions induced by iodine deficiency

Impaired antioxidant defense systems

Increased uptake of aluminum

Accumulation of fluoride in the pineal gland

Check Out the Truth: Drinking Fluoride Doesn't Prevent Cavities

Even if you were willing to overlook the proven fact that fluoride is a poison to the human body, would you still want to drink fluoride if it wouldn't protect your teeth? The truth is, it won't. Fluoride advocates often claim that the reduction in tooth decay that's occurred since the 1950s is a benefit of fluoridated water, but the facts just don't add up. For example, in 1999 the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claimed that dental caries declined precipitously during the second half of the 20th Century.

But what they failed to mention is that tooth decay rates "precipitously declined" in ALL Western nations, regardless of whether or not fluoridation was used – and most of those countries did NOT fluoridate! According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, the US, which fluoridates about two-thirds of public water supplies, actually has higher rates of tooth decay than many countries that do not fluoridate their water, including Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. Furthermore, if fluoride were effective in preventing caries, you would expect to see an increase in tooth decay when fluoridation is stopped. Yet, this is not what we see! The following demographic studies and fluoridation trends make it clear that fluoridation has very little to do with whether or not you develop cavities.

In Japan, fluoridation has been virtually nonexistent since the 1970s, yet rates of dental caries have declined since that time.

In the town of Tiel in the Netherlands, water fluoridation was discontinued in 1973, and by 1993, rates of dental caries had declined.

In the town of Kuopio, Finland, water fluoridation was stopped after 1992. In 1995 and 1998, dental caries had either decreased or stayed the same.

In two towns in former East Germany, a significant fall in the prevalence of dental caries was seen in the 20 years following cessation of water fluoridation.

In Canada, "the prevalence of caries decreased over time in the fluoridation-ended community while remaining unchanged in the fluoridated community."

Fluoride Has Nothing to Do with the Underlying Causes of Tooth Decay

Dental caries are caused by demineralization of your teeth (enamel and dentin) by the acids formed during the bacterial fermentation of dietary sugars. Demineralization is countered by the deposit of minerals from your saliva, or remineralization, which is a slow process. Enthusiasts report that fluoride prevents dental caries by enhancing mineralization. However, dental caries are not caused by a lack of fluoride, just as depression is not caused by a lack of Prozac. Some of the true primary causes of tooth decay cited in the literature include:

Consistent use of refined sugar, sugary soft drinks, and processed foods in general

Children going to bed with a bottle of sweetened drink in their mouth, or sucking at will from such a bottle during the day

Poor dental hygiene and poor access to and utilization of dental health services, usually related to socioeconomic status

Mineral deficiencies, like magnesium, which can weaken bones and teeth

More than 600 medications promote tooth decay by inhibiting saliva

It's often said that fluoride helps to re-mineralize your teeth and make them stronger, but even this must be questioned. A groundbreaking study published in the journal Langmuir uncovered that the fluorapatite layer formed on your teeth from fluoride is a mere six nanometers thick. You'd need 10,000 of these layers to get the width of a strand of your hair! Scientists now question whether this ultra-thin layer can actually protect your enamel and provide any discernible benefit, considering the fact that it is quickly eliminated by simple chewing. They wrote: "…it has to be asked whether such narrow… layers really can act as protective layers for the enamel."

More Than 100 US Communities Have Ditched Water Fluoridation

Since 2009, about 130 communities have stopped water fluoridation. Canada has dropped from about 60 percent of the population drinking fluoridated water down to about 32-33 percent. Victories have also been logged in Australia, Israel, New Zealand, and across the US. The latest fluoride-free victories include:

Wellington, Florida: After hours of debate and testimony from medical experts and residents, council members voted to end 14 years of fluoridation. A number of pro-fluoride dentists are unfortunately working to overturn the council's vote, but it's still a victory for now.

Amherst County, Virginia: The Service Authority Board voted to discontinue fluoridation because of conflicting opinions on what constitutes "optimal" levels of fluoride. According FAN, "Several board supervisors felt that the additive was unnecessary and a waste of resources."

Wood Village, Oregon: The Woodsville City Council was considering adding fluoride to the city's drinking water, but after polling residents found that 100% of respondents were against it. They have since ended their fluoridation discussions.

Sebastopol, California: City Councilors voted unanimously against fluoridation in Sonoma County because of concerns the fluoride could leach into their groundwater from surrounding communities, putting residents at risk.

Bantry, Ireland: Town Councilors voted unanimously in favor of a resolution calling for an immediate end to fluoridation throughout Ireland. Two other towns--Skibbereen and Clonakitty--also passed similar resolutions in 2013. Support for this historic vote was provided by the local group West Cork Fluoride Free.

Boyne City, Michigan: In early May 2014, city commissioners voted 3-2 to end more than 40 years of fluoridation for the town's approximately 4,000 residents. Commissioner Gene Towne summed up the council's decision, saying: "It comes down to choice. I don't see how you can control the dosage (of fluoride that people ingest) if it's in everything. If there's a chance that it could cause any health problems… this should all come down to your choice."

Buffalo and Union, Missouri: In May 2014, Alderman voted to end a decade of fluoridation, saying the additive damaged equipment, city trucks, and was not economical. Also in May, councilors in Union, Missouri voted 7-1 to end fluoridation after the city's public service committee recommended the city not repair fluoride injection equipment destroyed by the corrosive additive. According to the city engineer, "It's an acid and it eats the pipes. Employees are handling it and they don't want to be."

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Fluoride is poison

11 Nov 2016 21:46

Blogger Richard Yazmajian.
Around 1945, local water treatment facilities began to add sodium fluoride to our water supply.

The first thing you should know is that the fluoride they put in our drinking water is not a pharmaceutical grade additive.

It is an industrial waste byproduct.

As aluminum production increased in the first half of the twentieth century, it became necessary to find somewhere to put the fluoride. Manufacturers could no longer dump it into rivers or landfills, because it was poisoning crops and making livestock sick. Francis Frary, chief scientist for ALCOA, had an idea. He commissioned Gerald Cox at the Mellon Institute, to conduct research regarding the benefits of adding fluoride to the water supply. The Mellon Institute was frequently hired by big business to produce research that supported their industries, and for several decades they produced research showing that asbestos was safe and did not cause cancer. Hmmm.

They also produced reports assuring everyone that fluoride was not toxic and would be beneficial to add to our drinking water for healthy teeth.

Another proponent of the safety of fluoride at that time was scientist Harold Hodge, who was later revealed to to have been part of the the Human Radiation Experiment; injecting test subjects with plutonium and uranium in 1945-46. This was documented by pulitzer prize winning reporter Eileen Welsonne in The Plutonium Files.

Hodge was also chief toxicologist of The Manhattan Project and fluoride was a key component in the production of the atom bomb. His studies were conducted with a bias toward proving fluoride safe, which would protect the government and industry from lawsuits.
The “research science” done to support water fluoridation was underwritten by these massive companies:

Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA)
Aluminum Company of Canada
American Petroleum Institute
Kaiser Aluminum
Reynolds Steel
US Steel
National Institute of Dental Research

Convincing the general public that we need to add fluoride to our water supply was one of the most sophisticated cons of all time. It created a multi-billion dollar industry and enabled manufacturers to sell this worthless toxic byproduct of aluminum to local municipalities for a profit.
PR master Edward Bernays also known as “The Father of Spin” created the PR campaign to sell fluoride to the nation as an additive “recommended by your doctor and dentist for healthy teeth”. He was a pioneer of modern propaganda and used the theories of mass psychology and persuasion to suit the needs of corporate and political organizations.

Bernays even created marketing campaigns for tobacco companies using the doctor and dentist endorsement, like the one on the right.

He even wrote a book called Propaganda and another one called Public Relations. For you trivia buffs, he was also Sigmund Freud’s nephew.

In 1950 the public health service endorsed water fluoridation and almost immediately there was a national movement against it led by Dr. George Walbott, who was also the first physician to warn against fatal allergic reactions to penicillin, and that smoking causes emphysema.

Walbott discovered that low dose fluoride was causing allergic reactions in some of his patients who displayed a variety of symptoms such as headaches, back pain, gastric problems, muscle fatigue, etc.

He conducted a series of double blind tests further proving his fluoride allergy theory, and published several papers about it.

Walbott was criticized and marginalized for his research and for speaking out against fluoride, tobacco, and penicillin, which is why you’ve never heard of him.

The main fluoride chemical added to water today is hydrofluorosilicic acid an industrial by-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry.

Fluoride given to rats has been proven to cause bone cancer, liver cancer, and a host of other physical ailments.

Dr. William Marcus, Senior Science Advisor to the EPA Office of Water, was fired because of his outspoken opposition to water fluoridation in the early 1990’s. He even claimed that they rigged their test results to show that fluoride did not cause cancer when in fact it did.

Researcher Dr. Phyllis Mullenix was asked to study fluoride and was surprised to find and prove that fluoride is a neurotoxin and causes effects like hyper activity, memory problems, and IQ problems similar to ADD/ADHD in laboratory rats. After submitting her findings, she was promptly fired from the Forsyth Dental Research Center. She went from being a leading neurotoxicologist at a Harvard affiliated research institute to an industry pariah. This assignment and her findings ruined her career as a grant-funded research scientist.

Not only does fluoride in water not help your teeth, too much of it causes permanent damage in young children’s teeth between 3 months and 8 years old. This is called dental fluorosis. Fluoride also accumulates in the bones eventually causing a bone disease called skeletal fluorosis in adults.

Welcome to Opposite Land where right is wrong, and up is down:

It is illegal to dump fluoride into our lakes and rivers, but it is perfectly fine to put in our drinking water and toothpaste.

Cities with fluoridated water have higher cavity rates and higher cancer death rates when compared to cities with unfluoridated water. As of 2010, 66% of US water supplies are currently fluoridated, but the good new is that since 1999 over 60 U.S. communities have rejected fluoridation.

Hidden sources of fluoride:  Most commercial crops are watered with fluoridated water. These crops absorb the fluoride. Fruit juices from concentrate are reconstituted with fluoridated water, and bottled water, even if it’s filtered, usually has fluoride in it.

Fluoride is still defended today for two reasons:  The massive profit produced by selling it to local municipalities, and the massive liability and lawsuits that would follow an admission that it is in fact toxic and harmful.

The Fluoride Deceptionis a book based on ten years of research by BBC reporter Christopher Bryson on the history and dangers of water fluoridation, and is some of the source material for this post. His research is so in-depth and well documented, it is virtually irrefutable.

There is also a ton of information and independent research from all over the world at

Fluoride Film Fest!
Two great documentaries you can watch free online are An Inconvenient Tooth  (best name ever) and Fluoridegate.

Despite all the evidence, proponents of water fluoridation are still calling scientific research that shows fluoride to be toxic “conspiracy theories”, but the world is waking up.

Fun fact #1  98% of Western Europe has now rejected Water Fluoridation…
and their children’s teeth are just as healthy as children’s teeth in the US.

Fun fact #2  Since 1997 the FDA requires all fluoride toothpaste sold in the U.S. carry this warning:

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or call a poison control center immediately.

This is because a tube of toothpaste contains enough fluoride to kill a small child, and most young children swallow some toothpaste while brushing. But even if you don’t swallow your toothpaste, unhealthy levels of fluoride are still absorbed sublingually through the capillaries under your tongue and go directly into your bloodstream.

Another interesting tidbit:  Bottled water companies are not required to disclose what type of filtration they use, if any. Don’t believe the “Natural Mountain Spring” hype, many of them are simply selling you tap water with fluoride in it.

Cooking with tap water that comes out of your Plumbing pipes:
The main reason not to cook in tap water is that it concentrates the fluoride which then binds to the vegetables you’re about to eat.

Here’s some simple stuff we did to reduce our exposure to fluoride:

We bought a Waterwise Countertop Distiller in 2004. Distillers remove 99% of all contaminants including fluoride, chlorine, lead, bacteria and other toxins from your tap water; giving you pure, clean H2O. Pitcher and faucet mounted filters do not remove fluoride, neither do fridge water filters. It’s a simple process really. Water is boiled in the pitcher on the left, and the steam travels over and collects in the pitcher on the right. Voila!

If you want pure water call Richards Rooter and plumbing to have you ever reverse osmosis system install

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